Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ice Story Two

My second ice story will probably test your limits of credibility, but I have photos to prove my story. 

We have a rule at our house that we only make Kool-Aid when we have a barbecue. A week ago on Saturday we had barbecued hamburgers for dinner, so Lincoln reminded me that he got to have Kool-Aid. It was Evan's turn to choose the flavor and he chose green.

Kara handed me the big green glass pitcher to make it in. The pitcher is larger than two quarts so I didn't fill it up fully. After Evan poured the Kool-Aid powder in and I added the sugar, Kara remembered that we had a special ice cube in the freezer. She recently acquired a 2.5 inch silicon mold in the shape of the Star Wars Death Star--the Death Star is spherical shaped, so the ice cube is a very large ice ball.

Kara gently dropped the Death Star into the pitcher. I started stirring to mix the sugar in. Next thing I knew Matt was exclaiming something about liquid all over the counter. I stared in bafflement at the counter which was flooded with liquid. I had no idea what was going on because from what I could see nothing was wrong. However when I turned the pitcher around, I found this:

There was a gaping hole in the side of the pitcher. My stirring action enabled the Death Star to destroy the pitcher. That the Death Star took out our beautiful glass pitcher was funny. It really was.

Unfortunately, it also seems to have taken out our less than one year old dishwasher. The Kool-Aid ran off the counter and down the front of the poorly designed dishwasher and got inside the control panel. Seriously?! We are waiting on a repair guy to come out next week and fix it. Is destruction by Death Star covered by our dishwasher's warranty?

I do not recommend placing ice Death Stars in glass pitchers.

Update on story: We had the dishwasher repair guys out and they fixed the dishwasher. They said the spring under the start button had slipped out and if the start button doesn't work, nothing works. They popped the spring back into position and all was well. (Was the Kool-Aid flood responsible for the spring slipping sideways? We told them about the Death Star Incident, but they thought it was just coincidence.)

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