Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Youngest & The Oldest

Brother bonding.  Admittedly a favorite topic of mine on the blog, but it pleases me no end when they get along and enjoy eachother's company!

Evan & Lincoln enjoy air hockey, but they aren't quite big enough for the ping pong table.  But they do enjoy air hockey - as long as they get to win once in a while.  They're actually pretty good at the game, but their older brothers can get a little "shark like" when they play - and sometimes they have to be reminded to be kind.  Or invoke the mighty wrath of the little one.

Rat-a-tat-cat.  Still a favorite with the older ones, who often show up and ask to play when Grandma has been roped into her daily games with Evan and Lincoln.  Evan is our real game devotee, although Lincoln plays too.  Evan is the one who shows up in Grandma's room with a stack of games early in the morning and tells her it is TIME TO PLAY!  It's all good brain development, I think!

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