Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's a Tiring Life

When the boys and I got home from karate practice (9:45 pm.... !) last night Bentley want to find Matt/see if it was time for them to read.  He came back and reported that they were all sleeping in my room, while listening to Taylor Swift.  I had to follow up on this as I didn't know my husband was a big Taylor Swift fan.... :)  (Although vacation with Genevieve could have turned him into a convert, it's possible.... !)  Turns out it wasn't Taylor Swift (it was Alison Kraus) but they were indeed all asleep.  Evan showed up in a bad mood to my room, and then Lincoln showed up to rub his little brother's head (such a nurturer) and they all piled into the chair.  It's lovely to have little people to cuddle with.  Although Matt tells me they are a rather sweaty hot heap to be buried under.... :)

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