Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Travel Adventures Round 2: Vegas!

The boys have been pouring hours (and hours and hours) into their karate training since December, and now they are off to Vegas to compete in the USA Open and Jr International Karate tournaments.  It has been a slightly rough couple of days for them.  Jake caught a flu bug on Thursday and recovered quickly.  I was feeling thankful it passed Bentley over when he started puking Monday evening--just hours before his scheduled flight to Las Vegas.  Thankfully Matt reports he seems good today, and I'm glad he caught it at the beginning of the week and not in the middle of the tournament.... !

They left last night with Matt and I will head out on Thursday to watch them compete.  They had a free day today since most of the dojo group gets there tomorrow, so energizer bunny Dad decided to road trip it.

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