Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Snow: The Good & The Bad

The winter of weird weather continues to deliver.  We welcomed the first day of spring in Anchorage with lots of beautifully fluffy snow.  It was perfect for snowmen.  The kids were rolling huge balls of snow down the hill, but unfortunately it crumbled at the bottom because their balls were so big!  It was all good though - they had a great time outside playing together.  We didn't get enough snow this year for their liking.

On the definite downside, on Saturday the snow resulted in dangerous roads.  Our van ended up in the middle of a pileup on the highway when Matt and the little guys went to pick up their brothers from karate.  Thankfully on one was hurt.  My van, on the other hand.... well, it is going to be a number of weeks before we see it again.  Unless it ends up totaled in which case we won't be seeing it all.

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