Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Game Time!

One of the (many) advantages of a live in Nanny (what I tell my friends I have!! haha!!) is someone plays games with the kids on a regular basis.  I have intentions to play games but it doesn't happen very often at all.  Luckily for the kids Grandma is a great sport and plays many games with them.

I *hear* that by playing games kids will learn sportsmanship.  I'd say some of mine (Jake!) still have a bit of learning to do.  To be fair, it's not just Jake.  It's Jake on a regular basis but anyone of them might lose it depending on the day!  So we keep at it - and eventually they'll learn to have fun and keep their cool even when they don't win - right?  I hope so!!

P.S. - Notice the Halloween garland at the top of the picture?  I want credit for being a *good* Mom this year and getting out the Halloween decor.  Owning it isn't quite enough if you don't use it... drat!

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