Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Birthday Bash

Twas the night before a birthday... so we decorated, of course!

The big day arrived!  Evan was excited to get started with life as a 1 year old.  Isn't that an awesome smile?!

He was a bit confused when he saw the decorations...

But then we gave him a crown and explained it was *his* day!

We played.  We bought balloons, which Evan was impressed by (I think):

And later in the day?  We had cake.  Grandma made Evan's birthday cake for him, and it was a beauty!  Bright blue and green.  I made blue velvet cupcakes to go with it, in keeping with our blue theme.

Evan looked like a smurf by the time he was done working on his cake.

The older three headed off to karate and Evan and Lincoln enjoyed a bath.  When the trio came home it was present time!

Happy birthday, little guy!  We hope you like all the new toys that make noise.  :)  More importantly, we're glad we've had a great year watching you grow into the gleeful and inquisitive toddler you are today!

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