Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Artist At Work

Genevieve at work.  Her favorite spot to create, for whatever reason, is the mudroom.  She goes in there, closes the door, and we don't see her for hours.  I guess she likes to be alone while the creative juices are flowing?  :)  Lately she has been making "snack pouches" - she is busily making enough for Evan and Lincoln to have one each for each of our 3 flights as we head out for vacation.

P.S. - like her new dress?  I told her she looks like an angel.  But given her (sometimes) non angelic behavior we rehearsed, before church, what she might say if someone told her she looked "just like an angel".  :)  Sure enough, one daring adult did dare to complement her.  She looked at her brother, (probably wagered he'd tattle if she was ornery), and went with "Thank you!  You're very sparkly too"!  :)

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