Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Our ONE Year Old!!!

Evan the Great.

We couldn't let Evan's birthday pass without a birthday shot (or two!) of the birthday boy, right?!  Evan  wasn't in the most cooperative of moods and kept walking, crawling, and rolling right on out of the photo shoot.  Darn kid!  I tricked him though with a stool.  He sat still for a minute before throwing himself face forward right off of it.  

Back to the baby.  Our Evan is still of the only three tooth variety.  He walks but sometimes trips over his feet because he wishes he was running and not walking.  He is developing a bit of a temper if he wants something or thinks he is being ignored - he lets us know that isn't going to be acceptable!

Evan has the best grin, which he shares with everyone.  He also has a big giggle which he likes to use.  He is cuddly and holds up his hands when he wants us to pick him up, but he's also VERY good at entertaining himself - he wanders around exploring the books and cars and 3+ age range toys that he's lucky enough to have access to!  Evan is a big fan of Grandma.  I suspect she might be the favorite - she always has time for him, even when he thinks Mommy is neglecting him! :)  Evan is brave, he isn't afraid to throw himself into the middle of whatever his siblings are doing.  He knows he has a right to be there!

He has a nice wave, and claps very well.  He says hi, momma, and daddy (normally when he wants attention, NOW!).  He loves to play ball (what little boy doesn't, right) and will spend 10 minutes (an eternity for a baby) looking at a book.  He doesn't give up when we try to deter him from his chosen course of action, whatever it may be.  I suspect he has some of the same stubbornness common in the family.. :)

Evan is:

- inquisitive
- friendly
- sweet
- cheerful
- a big eater
- fast
- chatty
- so cute!!

In summary?  A perfectly perfect baby, and I'm sure he'll make a delightful toddler!

We love you, baby boy!

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