Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Bash

As a "boring" adult, I think one of the perks of traveling over vacation is that I don't have to worry so much about all the candy and costumes that kids love.  My children aren't exactly without dress-ups, but something about Halloween (marketing?!) makes them want all sorts of crazy things in the way of costumes.  I'm glad to short cut that by a trip to Mexico!

The kids love the fun in the sun, but have lamented to me that it's "sad" to miss Halloween.  I remind them that they don't exactly suffer from a sugar ban the rest of the year.  Also?  The resort has a big Halloween bash.  Lastly?  They had a Halloween bash with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Tim before we headed out.  By all reports it was a big success, with game prizes like glow in the dark meat cleavers.  And, of course, lots of candy!

P.S. - yes, yes.  We have a 5th child.  He stayed home and worked on packing with Mommy.  Poor Evan!

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