Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Take Me Too!

Mr. Me Too still seems to believe that he's the same age as his older siblings.  Which sets a bad example for Evan, who is starting to display some of the same opinions as to what he should be involved in...

Lincoln is sad, sad, sad when the big kids get to go out without him.  Sometimes it is swimming, sometimes it is skating, sometimes it is an outdoor activity he just can't keep up with!  Sometimes it is a science experiment, a school project, or a baking project.  He is there!  Ready and willing to help.  Demanding it, in fact!

Luckily for him perseverance pays off and he often gets to participate.  He goes swimming.  He plays soccer.  He bakes.  He is very independent, and I can't decide if this is just his personality or a result of having older siblings he *needs* to keep up with.  In either case he's very charming.  :)

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