Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Injury, Injury, Injury

All of us went through it, but few of us remember it: That first month or two of constant bumps and bruises after we started walking. Evan has had bruises or scratches on his face almost constantly for the past three weeks. First he took a header into a wooden stool at the museum and sported a very dark bruise on his cheekbone for over a week. 

Next he fell while carrying a sippy cup and acquired a very impressive abrasion on his eye lid. We were concerned he'd hurt his eye, but fortunately the eye lid went down before the eye was damaged. The sippy cup was not one of those with a rigid straw. The straw was very soft and bendy, but there was a hard plastic piece that slid down over the straw. It seemed a safe design, but it was not.

Just a couple of days ago he was at it again. This time he toppled into a toy bin that has a divider down the middle. He was trying to reach a hand bell at that bottom of the bin. His nose landed on the divider. He looks like he lost a fight.

A week ago Lincoln took a flying leap off a couch and did a facer into the window sill. He didn't bit his tongue off (thankfully!), but he did cut into it with his sharp little teeth. It took us a day to get a look at the true injury--until then we were just guessing at where the blood came from: Teeth? Gums? Cheek? Tongue?

There are so many ways for little boys to mess up their pretty faces. 

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