Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3 Barons Fair

The first two weekends in June were the annual 3 Barons Renaissance Fair which is touted as "two weekends of historic fun for the whole family." Matt usually takes the kids, although I have gone a couple of times when he is out of town. The first weekend in June Matt was in town, but I offered to help out because it's hard for one person to keep track of five children at a busy event. The sky threatened rain for most of the day, so the fair wasn't as busy as it is when it's sunny. Fortunately we only got a few sprinkles on us the entire afternoon!

Matt, Evan, and Lincoln arrived at noon when the fair opened up. They checked out the puppet show and other events (of which I know not). I brought the older children to the fair after the boys got out from karate. Matt found us just as we were paying our entrance fee and we all went over to check out a fight demo and then a live chess game. The chess game entertained us all. 

We wandered through the fair looking and chatting with the vendors/actors/participants. We stopped for another show on the stage--Puss In Boots. Matt left with the two younger boys and I stayed with the older three. We looked at more booths and took in a magic show. It was surprisingly good!

We ate more fair food and headed home. We spent four and half hours at the fair! We came home with a bag of very strongly magnetic spheres for souvenirs. (Double score: rocks for our rock collections!) Viva asked for and I bought her a coin scarf. 

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