Saturday, June 06, 2015

Driveway Fun

We have a pretty long driveway with a lot of pavement in front of the garage and front steps. It's ugly, but the children sure like playing on it!

They bike on the driveway:

Evan on the trike

Matt helping Lincoln ride the bike without training wheels.

Evan with his bike helmet (yes!) on the bike with training wheels.

Bentley getting ready to bike!

They play ball on the driveway:

Evan going for the dunk.

Lincoln sometimes prefers to play with his bike helmet on. 
It's safer when a lot of balls are raining down.

Lincoln and the ball are airborne!

Four kids, four balls!

Football? Basketball?

The football here is used for passing!

Soccer! A killer kick from Lincoln!

Ready, set, pass!

They play in the water on the driveway:

Viva filled the water can up and then spun in a circle. See the dry area in the middle? The boys ran through the sprinkler which I can never get set to only water the lawn.

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