Friday, June 26, 2015

Birthday Madness!

Jake and Viva are EIGHT!  I think that's craziness.

Matt took their birthday day off of work so they had the chance to start the grand event in style - meaning in a tent.  It was a bit of a non traditional camping event due to the burn bans in effect right now due to crazy wildfire season, but they still had a great time.  It was also Evan's first time camping.  The weary campers reported back that he thought the midnight sun was energizing... :)

Bentley opted out of the camping trip due to the lack of camp fires and steak.  Apparently he's a steak weathered friend.  It's all good though - he had a fun adventure of his own that I'm sure will be featured on the blog soon!

On Friday when our adventurers made it back to town we opened a few presents and then headed out to catch a movie together.

After the movie we were waiting for Daddy and Lincoln so we took a few pictures.  Because that's what we do!

Back home it was time for cake and presents!  Grandpa Tim, Grandma Vicki, and Tyler were able to join us.  There was a slight incident when Evan blew out Jake's candles for him... for a moment I feared for Evan's safety.  :)  Luckily we relit them quickly!  

The day ended with Star Wars and a visit from our buddy Marjory.  Jake and Viva requested all 10 flavors of Extra Gum for a present from her and she was able to deliver - they were thrilled.  :)

Happy birthday, twinlets!  We are so very glad you are ours!

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