Monday, June 22, 2015

Pt. Woronzof

When we were last at the rock store we asked where a good place was to look for rocks. The young woman who worked there said Pt. Woronzof was a great location for agates and jaspers and other rocks; she went there often as a child. Since Bentley was not very happy with my Sunday walks in the woods, I decided to change the location of our Sunday nature walk. Two Sundays ago Opa and I took the children to Pt. Woronzof. 

Most of Anchorage's coastline is filled with mud beaches, so Pt. Woronzof with its rocky beach is a rare find. The five grandchildren had a great time visiting the beach. Viva chose to wade in the water and Lincoln followed her example, but the other three stayed dry. Bentley spent the entire visit collecting rocks. Viva collected a few pieces of beach glass.

Evan threw really large rocks in the water. He found a pile of large rocks and he kept going back for them one after another. (We were a little concerned he might drop one on his foot and crush a toe, but we opted to not interfere with his choices.) Jake and Lincoln wandered the beach, throwing the occasional rock in the water. 

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