Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Just Another Saturday!

Saturday at our place always starts out with weapons class at karate -a highlight of the week according to Jake and Bentley!  The Saturday before last was particularly lovely because both boys received new belts.  :)  Matt was out of town but the kids and I kept busy.

After morning karate (which involved a trip to the thrift store and the library for me, and karate for the boys) we had a quick lunch and then the kids went to visit Grandpa Tim.  He got the four wheelers working this past week and the older three were all very excited.

They are cute, in a kind of scary big kid way.  Grandpa Tim says Bentley didn't get off that four wheeler the entire three hours they were up there!  He is a bit of a speed demon and flies around the corners.  I didn't know he had it in him... !

In the early evening Bentley, Jake, and Viva had a fun date with Grandma Vicki.  They came home all smiles:

Awwwwh - so sweet.  They started beating on each other three seconds later.  Alas.

Don't worry.  We didn't neglect Lincoln and Evan.  They went adventuring with Grandma Julia, and when they got home from that they put together their own mini pizza for dinner.

Later in the evening we made Lego gummy guys utilizing our new lego molds and the happy discovery of The King of Random's You Tube channel.  Isn't our lego guy cute?


We ended out the day (literally, it was after midnight) learning how to make all sorts of fascinating things on our new favorite You Tube channel (the King of Random.)

Another successful and crazy day?  Check!

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