Monday, June 08, 2015

Swimming & Running

For the first time since we moved into our home, the high school one block away has swim lessons available at their pool! The three older children have just finished a two week session. The coach assured Kara that they all swim well enough to save themselves in an emergency. Bentley had such a good experience that he requested another session of lessons. He is good enough now that he will be in their stroke school! Jake still needs a little work, so he is taking another session of swim lessons rather than stroke school. Viva is taking off this session (for a good reason), but she will rejoin her brothers for another session at the end of July. Soon we will have to start the process all over with the younger two boys.

Bentley, Jake, and Viva are also signed up for Running Club. B & J went last year and liked it quite a bit. They asked to go again this summer. Viva joined them this year. The club meets in June and July for two mornings a week for an hour and half. They don't run that entire time. They play games, too. It's fun for the kids to get to play large group games. Since they aren't in public school they miss out on that experience.

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