Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Latest and Greatest - Archery!

Way back when in a far away time my eldest turned nine.  He was sick on his birthday, and then various bugs circulated through the home, and then karate training ramped up, and then his mother got distracted....

and we never went out and had our birthday adventure!  Ikes!  I've been very remiss in completing this task, despite the cute tyke's sweet reminders.  It occurred to me recently that if we didn't get hopping Jake and Viva would have a birthday before we'd finished recognizing and celebrating Bentley's - and that would really put me in the doghouse!

So off we headed to the archery range.  We'd bounced around a few ideas before settling on this one.  Bentley tried out archery at Scout camp last year and loved it.

It was a quiet day at the range when we showed up but traffic did pick up over the almost 4 hours we were there.  The activity was a big hit.  At the one hour mark we invested in a nice beginner's bow of our own.  The fee per person to use the range allows you all day access, but the bow rental is hourly.  The kids shared a bow and took turns with it, as the bow rental isn't cheap!  It made more sense to buy our own then to keep renting.  And now we can have fun setting up a target out back - the kids are excited!

I am trying to resist (only somewhat successfully) succumbing to my trademark neurotic research of a new topic.  There are all sorts of fascinating things to consider in the sport of archery.  But for now we'll just be pleased we picked a bow that is used competitively (if we go that direction), and focus on safety and correct form when using the bow.  And having tons of fun, of course!

Happy super duper late birthday celebration, Bentley buddy!

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