Sunday, June 21, 2015

Viva's Flowers

The first weekend in May Grandma Vicki had a tea party to celebrate Kara's birthday. She invited the womenfolk. Viva helped her prepare for the tea party. They chose flower seed packets for party favors. After we got home from the tea party Viva insisted we plant some of the seeds. I was rather skeptical that we would see any flowers from the seeds by the end of summer given that it was already May 1st. 

I was pessimistic because I had a bad experience last year. I started two types of flowers (I've blocked the names) inside and then transplanted them outside. I didn't get a single bloom! Despite my gloomy predictions, I helped Viva plant a few seeds from each packet that we brought home. 

We put the seed tray in the kitchen window and within a few days we had tiny plants pop up. A few weeks later we took them outside to harden them off. We nearly killed them when the tray was inadvertently placed under the drip line and it rained and the tray was flooded. We had to dry those poor jiffy pots out as best we could--we placed them on newspaper to absorb the extra water. 

Fortunately seedlings are hardy and they survived. A couple of weeks ago we transplanted the small jiffy pots into a planter box. Here they are seven weeks after the seeds were planted:

Viva was very thrilled with her first flowers! (In the photo she is not smiling because the planter box was quite heavy and she was struggling to hold it away from her dress.)

The first flowers to bloom are marigolds! God sure does amazing work. AMAZING!

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