Thursday, June 04, 2015

Our Home Gym

Last year when Viva became a gymnast, Kara decided to invest in some home gym equipment to aid our young athlete. She bought at least three different mats. She bought a small half length balance beam and a bar. She purchased a wooden ladder thingy (I do not know the proper name!) that is attached to a wall and aids in building ab strength which is essential to most gymnastic skills. 

The location of these items has changed over the months. For a while the bar was in the main floor family room, then the upstairs family room, and now it resides in the downstairs family room. The beam was in the living room for a long time, but then it, too, moved downstairs. The mats have floated from the main floor family room to the downstairs family room. 

All the children use the equipment, but, of course, Viva uses it the most. Bentley and Jake only very occasionally use it, but Evan and Lincoln play on it almost daily. Viva right now is on a hiatus from the gymnastics gym (we wanted more time with her!), so we are using our home gym to help her work on her skills. It's a good thing we have all this equipment!

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