Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Sand Dunes Adventure

Earlier this week we decided to check out the sand dunes at Kincaid.  It's part of my summer plan to be slightly adventurous.  That's not  part of my nature so hopefully the children are appreciating my planned spontaneity... :)  We printed out directions and headed out.   We made a slight detour to the rock store as there was a particular book that Bentley had been pining for.  Then we attempted to follow the "short hike" directions with little success.   Luckily we found some helpful fellow hikers who redirected us, and we eventually achieved our sand dune goal.  Unluckily the wind was going crazy and we took a quick look and then went scurrying back the other direction!   Ah well.  It was a nice nature walk and next time we have a sunny calm day we'll know right where to head!

On the way home we stopped for ice cream - Grandma's idea.  She's the fun one!  I rule the afternoon a success!

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