Sunday, July 05, 2015

Cookies x 3

Apparently we bake many cookies around here.  Looking through the pictures on my phone I have many many cookie shots.  :)

Here are three shots from three different ccokie making times in the last two weeks:

Do you think we have a cookie habit?!  In my defense, the older three are getting better at completing the dough portion of the project all on their own.  They just require a bit of help with the oven still - mostly because I'm the nervous type.  I'm sure Genevieve would tell me she could handle that all on her own too.... !

What we do like?  Chocolate chip is the very favorite, of course.  A classic!  We put oatmeal and cornflakes and coconut in our favorite recipe.  Sometimes we make a chocolate cookie, and once in a while peanut butter.  No bakes with Nutella instead of peanut butter are another big hit.  So many cookies, so little time.  Good thing we have 10 in the house to eat the sweets!

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