Sunday, July 19, 2015

Everyday Life: June

Jake hiding outing in the mudroom reading.

Viva sketching trolius blossoms.

Bentley testing out his Lego vehicle.

We made red, orange, and green popsicles. Green was very popular. Red was not! Bentley, of course, would not eat any color.

Evan is almost always sporting an owie and he loves to show them off. 

During the summer the kidlets have to do an hour or so of school every weekday. (Check out the collection of Lego models on the table. Matt has been bringing home new sets for the children when he travels to D.C.)

Viva helping her younger brothers do a Alex craft set.

Lincoln showing off his chicken. (Doesn't he have an interesting camera smile?)

Evan playing with Opa's magnetic polyhedron.

The trio ready for swim lessons. (Yes Viva has make-up on. Kara figured/hoped the pool water would wash it off.)

Viva reading.  (I could not bring myself to delete this photo even though I have too many photos of Viva this month and too many photos of readers.)

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