Monday, July 06, 2015

Deck Tent Time!

We have the tent set up on the back deck currently - we'll see how many nights  the kids want to sleep in it.  So far neither wind nor rain has deterred the twins!  On night one it was just Jake and Viva - we had some winds that kept gusting through and my Bentley was convinced there was going to be an Oz experience and opted out after reading time.   That same night it started raining towards morning, but luckily our Coleman tent held up to its "weather proof" claim of fame.

Night one of camping was hard core with just their blankets and pillows on the hard ground - I was reluctant to invest too much time in the endeavor so to test their resolve I told them they could camp out but I wasn't doing any set up besides snapping up the one minute tent. Last night I added some extra cushion (a nice thick memory foam mattress pad) to the bottom of the tent to soften the wood deck  and Bentley and Lincoln joined the twins.

Tonight my buddy Lincoln was more than a bit on the cranky side from his late night to bed and early morning to rise adventuring so I sent him back to bed with Evan in his room.  So Bentley, Jake, and Viva are heading back out!  I'm liking all the extra reading time the kids are engaging in so I think it's a win.  Tomorrow they're off for an overnight with Grandma Vicki, but perhaps they will be back to the tent after?  We shall see!

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