Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lincoln Turns FOUR!

New four year old in the house!  We had a quiet day together (quiet for us!) as only 3 out of 5 of the kids were home during the day.  Bentley and Jake were off at Scout camp, but we managed to keep busy without them.  :)  In the morning Viva helped Lincoln build a Lego Bday cake Daddy found:


Lincoln had a mid day visit over at Grandma Vicki's - he came home with a crown!

Part of the afternoon was spent working on Lincoln's requested puppy cake.  I enlisted Viva and Grandma's help, and Lincoln seemed very pleased!

Lincoln wants to go to the water park to celebrate his bday.  I told him we should go all together, so he settled on a run through the sprinkler.  Grandma was extra nice and hooked up the warm water to the sprinkler, but the wind outside seemed to entice Viva and Lincoln to stick close to the sprinkler!

Daddy came home early and the little people headed out for a park date.  Then Bentley and Jake arrived home, we had a pizza party with Tyler and Grandma Vicki, and it was present time! 

The evening wrapped up with a show!

After all the festivities Evan is VERY eagerly awaiting HIS birthday!  Happy #4, Lincoln!

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