Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toy Store

A local toy store mails out coupons during a child's birthday month for $5 off anything in the store. The coupon is good for one month. Because the twins and Lincoln's birthdays are less than three weeks apart we only have to visit the toy store twice a year. (Evan isn't a shopper yet!) 

It's interesting to see what the children like.

The little boys always check out the toy store's train table. Evan came home with a pirate dagger/knife. The blade retracts into the hilt. He found it very amusing. So did the older boys.

Bentley liked the wooden axe, but he decided not to purchase it. He chose some rocks and then splurged (with his own money) on a robot claw toy (a grabber).

Viva loves to check out the craft kits, but they are high priced. She used her coupon to help purchase a jump rope that attaches to your ankle.

Lincoln picked out a small Playmobil set.

Jake brought home a magic wand. (He says it doesn't work!?)

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