Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Karate Cuteness

I know that karate and cute don't always belong in the same sentence, but I think they definitely do in this case!  It is fun to see the boys helping their sister out with her katas.  I'm not sure how long the three sibling karate madness will last, but while it does they are triple the cuteness.... :)

Belt testing for lower belts is in just a couple weeks and I've told Bentley and Jake to get their sister "up to snuff" for her first belt test.  First comes yellow, then orange and blue.  Once you're a blue belt you can attend the 2nd hour of karate classes in the evening and not just the first - which will give some more flexibility back to our evening schedule!  Keep your fingers crossed for Viva....  

On the other hand, Bentley and Jake are lobbying to have Lincoln start karate.  So who knows... perhaps I had just better get used to the return of the two hour karate block.  It could be here to stay for a while!

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