Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Restful Moment

This picture makes my heart happy:

Once in a while Evan calms down and we get a brief glimpse into what our future could look like when Evan transforms into a beautiful butterfly of calmness. :)  By saying that am I implying that quiet play is superior to loud crazy play?  I'll admit it!  My nerves enjoy quiet children.  Even if that's not their natural state. 

To be fair, Evan is very good at entertaining himself (until he's DONE!).  He plays with balls, plays with the Potato Head, plays with his racetrack, colors, pulls out the Little People, reads, dresses up in mittens and hats and stolen shoes... and, of course: plays on the piano, plays the drums, rides his car at speed of light pace, shrieks with delight, jumps on the couch, and throws pillows on the floor.  All in one day.  Oh, wait.  All in an hour, actually. :)

It's a busy life when you're a little guy!

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