Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everyday Life

 Viva playing with her Barbies which she doesn't do very often probably because she doesn't have a sister to play Barbies with. On the plus side, no sister means she was sole inheritor of her mother's and grandmother's Barbie stuff.

Great-grandma reads Curious George to Lincoln. 

Lincoln listens so a Leap Frog learn to read DVD.

Jake talks on the phone to Grandma Vicki. 
Every Sunday the children phone their far away grandma to chat with her.

Lincoln is our happy boy!

Jake is our sometimes angry boy!

The next size of pants isn't a good fit quite yet!

Bentley had a cub scout meeting at Potter's Marsh two weeks ago. 
While he was with the scouts Evan, Lincoln, Jake and I explored the boardwalk. 

A quick photo of The Twins after church out on our back deck.

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