Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Allergies = Yuck

I am *almost* ready to concede the fact that my children, Genevieve in particular, may have some issues with spring pollens.  The fact that overnight three of them started rubbing their eyes, sneezing, and dealing with runny noses?  At the same time that my Mom's seasonal allergies kicked back in?  Highly suspicious.   Genevieve is always rubbing her poor eyes which are a bit swollen.  Bentley seemed to have some trouble with a cough for a day or two, and Lincoln had watery eyes too.  But it's definitely Viva that has been hit the hardest - poor kid!

My lame attempt to keep some of the pollen out of her eyes as she was heading out the door to play:

I suppose this means next year I'll have to get serious about researching local bee pollen/natural remedies to help deal.  I don't like the idea of putting her on allergy drugs for a month of the year if I don't have to!

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