Friday, May 02, 2014

No! You Are Not Bringing That Spider Inside!

My visit teacher recently gifted me with two Venus flytrap plants. The children were thrilled with the gift. They immediately went outside and searched for some bugs for the plant to eat. They dumped a few ants in the container, but no action.

They were outside again a few days later avidly looking for more bugs to feed to the plant. It took quite a while, but eventually Viva came running inside and excitedly proclaimed "I have a spider for the plant!". Her mother immediately replied "No! You are not bringing that spider inside!"

I told Kara to give Viva the plant to take outside, then I went out to check on the action. Viva had dumped the spider and a couple of ants along with sand and small rocks into the plant container. One of the ants immediately found a hole in the container and left.

We need to do some online research to find out how to get the bugs close enough to the plant's jaw to trigger it. Meanwhile it's been a good way to get our little naturalists to check out the bug life in our yard!

I'm not sure the plant is going to survive our rough care. 
I already ignored the instructions to water only with distilled water.

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