Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Is Here!

It's summer in Alaska (we ignore the shoulder seasons) and life is gearing up to a frenzied, frantic, frazzled pace. We are five weeks out from summer solstice and the days are already impressively long. On Tuesday sunrise was at 5:16AM and sunset was at 10:36PM which gave us over 17 hours of daylight. At this time of year we gain over four minutes a day of additional daylight which is a half hour every week. On June 21st sunrise and sunset will be less than five hours apart and it will never be truly dark outside.  

I caved this year and purchased dark out curtains. The seven windows (all with blinds) in our bedroom let in far too much light for my poor circadian rhythm to handle. I did not store up enough sleep last winter to make it through the next three months! Three months of chasing Evan whose room has black out curtains and so he sleeps well every night and wakes with an immense amount of energy and enthusiasm. I can hear him running around downstairs as I write this!

Summer for us means hitting the parks and playgrounds!

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