Saturday, June 07, 2014

Everyday Life: April

I'm a bit behind (as usual) posting photos. These are from over a month ago.

Lincoln continues to love taking photos. 
Evan is starting to fight him for use of the camera

Soon they will be too big to share (or even want to share) a bath.

I purchased some new super bubbly bath soaps, but the bubble scum sticks to interior of the jet pipes so we aren't using them any longer. Bummer--the kids really liked them. 

Evan likes to rummage through the bathroom drawers. 
This is his favorite--the drawer filled with Scentsy cubes.

For whatever reason on this day he decided to transfer them to the carpet. 
When I asked him to, he put them back away. He is an unusually tidy child.

I purchased a Mentos geyser tube kit. You screw a spout on a two quart pop bottle (filled with pop) and then add two Mentos.  This produces a pretty good geyser. The downside is that it takes a new bottle of pop for every geyser!

Evan on the go! (He is quite fast!)

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