Monday, June 23, 2014

My Summer Gym Rat

Geneveive is keeping busy this summer with her gymnastics.  We switched gyms and she is now on a Level 3 gymnastics team that meets three times a week for four hours a day.  That's a lot of time working out! When people ask her if that's TOO long, she assures them that it's really not THAT long - they take a 15 minute break and so are only working out for 3 hours and 45 minutes.  :)

We tried out our new gym because we were wanting more of a challenge, and I was expecting they would want her in their level 2 group (she was in the level 1 group at our old gym) - when they said she would be a good fit with the level 3s we were thrilled, but I wondered if maybe the number of hours was a bit extreme.  Genevieve didn't have those same doubts though so we signed up! She's having a great time and making some new friends.  It's fun to see the new tricks she's learning and how strong she's getting.

For a newbie who started gymnastics at the end of Feb I don't think she's doing too shabby!  She's landed some beautiful back hand springs that she she is quite proud of.  She's working on consistency now.  :)  On the bars she's mastered a mill circle (and her pull over and back hip circle) and is working on a kip glide and front hip circle.  Vault for the lower level gymnastics isn't really fancy, so they just work on running fast!  And on beam she's working on her cartwheels.  Next up?  Who knows!  I do know she's having a great time and that's fun to see.   

Earlier this week Genevieve told the librarian at Loussac Library that she is going to be a gymnastics coach when she grows up.  I think that's a decent indicator that she's lovin' it!  If her work with Lincoln and Evan is any indicator I think she could have success in this field as an instructor!

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