Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Want Out! I Want My Mommy!

Here is Evan this morning trying to escape my bedroom where he was locked in so he wouldn't follow his mother who was leaving the house with Jake to take him to running class. Evan stood at the door on his tippy toes for ten minutes crying (no tears). It was not pleasant for Evan or me or Lincoln. Viva slept through it. I thought about putting a pillow over my head, but I had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't figure the lock out. He has opened these types of locks before. It's unlike him not to have done so.

Evan is a momma's boy and when he wants momma no other will do. It's quite disheartening for a grandma, but the facts are the facts. When that boy sets his mind on something, he will not easily change it. Sometimes this stubbornness is part of his charm, but other times is just frustrating. Evan's saving grace is that most of the time he's a very happy little boy. When he's not it's more a problem for his mother than for those he refuses to interact with.

When he's in a Momma Mood he clings to her legs and sobs. If she is in the middle of doing something, too bad. The more she resists, the harder he tries to get her attention. You'd think a mother of four boys would understand this phase of boyhood and just give in right away, but she doesn't always. Silly mommy!

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