Saturday, June 28, 2014


We are a Lego family, but we have dipped our toes in the vast ocean of Playmobil sets. Lego and Playmobil are really not that much alike, but there is limited space in the toy chest, limited money in the toy budget, and limited time to play therefore the two toy lines come into competition (at least in our home!). The older children received a few Playmobil sets two or three years ago. There are many small parts in a Playmobil set, so the sets are not stored on the mainfloor where Lincoln and Evan would have free access. They are in the downstairs toy closet. Last week Jake or Viva (I don't recall which one) decided they wanted to play with the Playmobil sets, so out they came. The trio enjoyed a few good hours of play.

PS The castle is not a Playmobil set. It's Melissa and Doug, but it's the right size for Playmobil people and accessories.

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