Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Runnin' Time!

 After a record breakingly beautiful May, in true Alaskan form we had a bit of a slide back.  Last week there was a day or two where we had a weather advisory for snow - yikes!  Luckily (for the trees and plants) that didn't occur, but it was definitely a bit on the chilly side this past weekend.  Monday morning the boys started their summer running club and the weather was still yucky.  

Bentley said it was awesome.  Jake, upon getting in the car, told me it was an "electron experience".  Which was supposed to clue me into the fact it was negative.  It just had me wondering, however, if they were discussing sports drinks.  I guess I'm a bit slow!  Jake fell in the wet grass once or twice, got a bit muddy, and was convinced that some other kids were calling him "brownie face".  I told him he needs thicker skin.  In any case, by later that day he had recreated his memories and now is enthusiastically looking forward to Wednesday morning - I'll take it!  And hopefully the sun will be out for them tomorrow.

Stay tuned to hear about their 3K run on Thursday!  I'm excited!

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