Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scout Camp

Bentley had a chance to go to Cub Scout camp this past week with his pack from church.  It was a Tuesday thru Friday day camp.  Going into it he was excited, although he didn't have any idea of what to expect - the day before camp he asked me what they do there, wondering if there was much going on besides (in his words) "sitting around eating s'mores".

Boy was he in for a surprise!  Archery, crafts, BB guns, safety, knot tying, canoes, water fun, flag ceremonies, skits, hiking.... it was a crazy week!  Every evening he would come home and lay down exhausted flat on the floor.  I guess the secret to wearing out a boy is to wake him up an hour or so earlier than normal and send him out to run run and run in the woods all day.  That's all.  :)

I have a few random pics from camp that I found on Facebook from camp leaders.  It's a bit strange to be tagged on Facebook/see your kid out there.  A new experience for me!

On Friday evening Grandma, the other kids, and I joined Bentley for the evening celebration camp fire.  The boys did some skits and sang a few songs.  We were all entertained.  The verdict?  A great week (archery was the favorite, if your'e wondering) and Bentley is looking forward to next year.  Jake, of course, is also looking forward to next year - he was a bit sad he didn't get to go this year.  It can be awfully hard having an older brother who's not THAT much older!

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