Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tech Addict

Evan's newest baby trick is a bit of a disturbing one.  Disturbing to me, at least!  On three different occasions I have witnessed him turning on my DVD player, ejecting whatever random disc is in there, and choosing a Looney Tunes one to insert (and start) instead.  One time I could have called random.  But three?  I think he's definitely communicating here!  This is a bit disturbing to me as I'm not much of a cartoon fan... but, on the other hand, I suppose it means he really enjoys his cartoon time with Daddy.  :)

Crazy DVD skills aside, Evan enjoys all types of tech.  Great-Grandma's iPhone, of course, as we've mentioned before:

The iPad, where he has discovered PBS kids:

(I would be more alarmed by this behavior if he watched for more than 5 seconds without moving on.... !)

And, last but not least, Mommy's laptop.  I'm not a big fan of the random button punching activity that he finds so amusing.  But I do like his chubby thighs so I forgive him.

If Evan was my oldest and only I'm quite sure he wouldn't be indulged with technology the way he is.  But he sees his older siblings using it, and he is very vocal about his thoughts on his own perceived rights.  And, I'll admit, it is easier to humor him than to say no to him.... but I do at least get the last chuckle as he doesn't get much out of the iPad on his own.  He jabs at buttons.  :)  Sometimes I open music apps and set the parental controls so he's locked in them.  It's almost funny how crazy irked he gets when the home button doesn't work!

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