Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Light Weight

A couple months back it occurred to me that my older peeps are finally old to be good trash/recycling helpers, and it's been great!  We have big trash cans from the waste company and so up to this point they've been a bit on the short side to actually get the trash/recycling all the way into the receptacle.  I'm a big fan of this growing thing, it makes those child workers useful for all sorts of chores they couldn't do before... :)

But, apparently, they still aren't quite big enough to make a big dent on a full recycling bin.  Bentley came in today to tell me he couldn't add the recycling to the bin because it was too full.  I went back out with him and instructed him to jump up and down on it to collapse it more.  He didn't get very far.  Light weight!

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