Friday, June 06, 2014

Magic Garden Window

May 6

Bentley got a fair number of peas off his plants and at first he shared them, but then he insisted they were all his to eat. The window area got so hot that the peas suffered a few setbacks and didn't produce as well as they could have.

The bean plant loved the heat and grew some fine beans which Bentley made very clear he was NOT eating. The twins ate them. Then one day the plant was underwatered and overheated and a few days later it dropped many of its leaves. Good bye plant!

The squash plant grew into a giant, but it did not set any little squashes because the male and female blossoms were never open at the same time to cross fertilize. I gave the plant to my friend Lisa who has other squash plants. I hope it produces a few squash because it was a magnificent looking plant!

May 7

After having such great success with the kitchen garden window, I asked the kidlets to help me plant some sweet peas (flower, not edible), nasturtiums, morning glories, four o'clocks, and basil.

They came up very quickly, but then it became too hot in the kitchen window for them and I had to relocate them downstairs where the natural light was good, but not so intense. I transplanted the basil to small pots and it is back in the kitchen window. The other plants went outside to the front porch to be weathered and then put in the ground. The sweet peas and nasturtiums transplanted well and the other two I still have to transplant.

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