Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Twins Turn 7!

The twins had a (very anticipated) birthday!  It was a fun filled day.  As usual there were too many presents and lots of energy.

We started the day off with donuts from Daddy. (Viva requested them!)  We were lucky enough to have Matt around for the day as he was able to take some time off of work.  We were going to check out the Japanese drummers at the library, but the pouring rain helped us decide to change our plans.  Instead?  We spent our morning making and decorating cakes!  Jake and Viva wanted to help.

Viva wanted tie dye cupcakes.  She helped make them, and then frosted and decorated them with sprinkles!

Jake wanted a chocolate monkey cake.  We considered a number of options online and then he picked his favorite.  He tells me he chose the one he did because the monkey had cute spiky hair on top of his head like Jake's hair.  :)

After cake decorating the older three headed out for an afternoon at H2Oasis - the twins agreed that sounded like a great way to spend an afternoon.  Matt hasn't been there before so he was the lucky parent representative to get in on the fun!

Jake wanted to do two hours of karate on his birthday day, so after some fun at the water park Jake and Bentley headed out.  When they returned we had a pizza party, cake, and then a Star Wars in the tent!  It was a good evening and another successful birthday.  :)

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