Sunday, January 24, 2016

Conversations with Lincoln

A few funny things he said yesterday....

The scene: shower time

Evan: I'm not using soap.
me: Yes, you are.
Lincoln: Jesus wants you to use soap, Evan.  Otherwise the police will come and take you away for being smelly.

LOL!  Love that I have him to help keep Evan on track.

The scene: the dinner table

Lincoln: It's driving me crazy!

me: What's driving you crazy?

Lincoln: Everytime I hear the voice.

me: What voice... your voice?

Lincoln: No!

me: My voice?

Lincoln: No.  I think it's the Holy Ghost.

me: Okay... but why would it drive you crazy?  Isn't that a good thing to hear?

Lincoln: It's good, but it still drives me crazy!!!

(Think I should ask him what the Holy Ghost says to him?!)

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