Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Afternoon Snapshot

Evan asked me to put new batteries in his play guitar yesterday.
He had a great time playing with it today.

Lincoln dressed up as a knight and played with the Death Star. 
Evan joined him, but played guitar instead of Legos.

The older children were hard at work in the school room.

Viva was correcting her math lesson.

Jake was finishing his grammar lesson.

Bentley was writing his first five paragraph essay.

When I checked back on the little boys, it was still guitar time for Evan

Lincoln had changed out of the knight costume and grabbed his light saber.

Great-grandma was reading the newspaper.

Lincoln was very sad. I brought up a small size guitar (from the toy closet downstairs) to see if Evan wanted to play a guitar with strings (he didn't). Lincoln wanted me to proclaim that the guitar was HIS, but I said no it was for all the children. Lincoln pouted for a long time.
Meanwhile back in the school room the children had moved on to history. 
While listening to the lecture, Jake ate toast.

Viva knitted and scowled at me for taking her photo. 

Bentley propped himself on the edge of the couch to listen.

Lincoln quit pouting and worked on the Perplexus Rookie puzzle ball.

Evan did a pirate puzzle with me.

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