Sunday, January 03, 2016

Everyday Life: December

Jake reading with his sword close at hand.
You need to be prepared at all times when you live with three brothers. 

Viva practicing piano. 
She looks happy enough, but I'm sure she'd rather be reading or crafting.

Bentley practicing cello.

Kara cutting Lincoln's hair. 
If you have four sons, you need to be a barber.

Bentley making crescent rolls. 
He likes to prepare meals so he can control the menu.

Opa with his new bass guitar. 
L & E often show up to jam with him for a few minutes--especially if they are supposed to be in bed!

The raspberries from California have been very good this winter! 
L & E can eat an entire container in one sitting.

Lincoln eating Quaker oatmeal with dinosaur eggs!
(Great Aunt Terri gave us a box when we visited her in Michigan.)

The boys playing Sequence.

Viva knitting. The ficus tree behind her has Christmas lights on it!

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