Saturday, January 23, 2016

Education While Knitting

A few days back Jake came upstairs in the evening, after knitting with Great-Grandma, to report that the news was playing a story "over and over and over" all about a police offer who was shot 13 times. We discussed that this wasn't a happy story, and moved on.  The kids don't listen to the news often (ever) as I don't feel there is much value in focusing on the negative when there is so much that is good to think on.  It isn't that I think we can completely ignore the realities of our world, but I don't see any point in dwelling on them - especially for children!

*Back to the point.*

The next evening Jake came home from karate and reported that he was able to put his news of the cop story to good use in class, when Sensei was discussing the news and couldn't remember if 13 or 14 shots were involved - Jake piped up that it was 13, and he remembered it because he heard it on the news while knitting.


A funny visual to ponder, although a very sad story.

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