Saturday, January 09, 2016

Knitting with Great-Grandma

Viva learned to crochet with Grandma Vicki and now she wants to learn how to knit. I gave her one of those round looms you can knit on and she is doing that, but she really wanted to learn how to do it on knitting needles.

Jake, too, wanted to learn how to knit. He wanted to make a cardigan for his mom's birthday. Yes, you read that right--a cardigan (sweater) for his first knitting project. Needless to say Great-grandma and I have suggested he start with a smaller project.

Jake set up an appointment with Great-Grandma to start knitting lessons. He decided on 9PM after karate. (Most grade schoolers are in bed by 9PM, but our household is different.) Viva joined Jake for  lessons.

Bentley had no interest in learning to knit, but he did lurk outside the door…until I told him that he reminded me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood who stalked the grandmother. He thought that was pretty hilarious.

Fun times at our house!

P.S. Knitting lessons continue…late at night in great-grandma's room.

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