Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Wonderful World of Boys

This afternoon Bentley was vacuuming with an ax tucked in the back of his t-shirt. Kara asked me "Why does Bentley have an ax?" Before I could hazard a guess as to why her oldest son had an ax tucked in his shirt, he replied: "Why not?" He followed up that comment with "In case someone annoys me." (Just so you know the boys are NOT NOT NOT allowed to hit anything with a weapon other than another weapon. They are pretty good about following this rule.)

Some of the children's sword collection is in a crate in the mudroom. More swords are in the garage (heavy PVC pipe swords more suitable for outdoor play) and in the dress-up containers downstairs and there's an occasional sword or light saber in the kids' bedrooms. And, of course, Bentley and Jake have weapons in their karate bags.

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