Friday, January 08, 2016

Snapshot: Friday Afternoon

I took this photo a little after 2PM this afternoon:

Kara and Bentley had just left the house to go to cello lessons. I was in charge of getting the other children to eat lunch. They had apples, pepperoni, goldfish (crackers), and eggnog. You can see from the photo some of the activities that we were engaged in at that time. Viva was knitting (more on that tomorrow), Jake was reading the comics, Great-grandma was doing the daily word puzzles in the paper.

Also on the table was our trio of amaryllis bulbs, a peg puzzle, a game of checkers, and a shark jigsaw puzzle. None of our amaryllis bloomed by Christmas, but they are all in full bloom right now. The peg puzzle features opposites and Evan retrieved it when I started quizzing him and Lincoln on opposites while I was setting the food on the table. Evan also brought the checkers game to the table. He was trying to get someone to play with him. Lincoln had brought the shark puzzle to the table a little earlier. It was a 100 piecer which is more than he usually works on, so I recruited everyone to do a few pieces of it.

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